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9 Classic Flower Arrangement Styles

Flower arrangement is an artistic form. Its beauty lies in its creativity, just like all forms of art. Flowers are also called floristry. It can go beyond flower arrangement and include cultivation and trade. To be comprehensive, we’ll talk about the various methods of flower arrangement as well as how nine of them have lasted the test of the time. Visit our website and learn more about www.west4flowers.co.uk.

Fan shape

The fan-shaped arrangement is where flowers and leaves are spread out to form an arch or fan shape. The components are low and do not interfere with other decorations. The centerpiece is typically a single or a few large flowers. They are surrounded by smaller flowers and leafs on the sides. Commercial establishments like hotels use this arrangement because it isn’t too busy or interferes with space.

Circular shape

This arrangement is most popular, and it’s also the easiest to put together. It is great for placing on small tables and mantles because it is neat. They are often the centerpiece of boardroom meetings and buffet tables.

While circular arrangements typically mean the arrangement appears round from any angle possible, some florists will call any arrangement round as long as it appears circular when viewed from top.


A triangular arrangement appears triangular when seen from the front or the back. It is much taller than fan and circular forms.

Triangular forms are more difficult than the two previously mentioned. Triangular shapes are usually reserved for very special occasions such as weddings or christenings.


For experienced florists, the crescent arrangement should be reserved. This arrangement is hard to pull off, but very appealing when done well. It has flowers arranged so that they form an asymmetrical upward curvature. You can also call it a “C” arrangement. However, you must choose the right decor to match the dramatic results.

To prevent overturns of crescent arrangements, they must be placed upon stable and weighted supports.


Vertical arrangements look very similar to triangular ones, but have a higher height and a narrower bottom. Because they are fillers to increase height, smaller flowers like tulips & carnations are preferable to larger ones.

Vertical arrangements are not predetermined, although every effort is made for a slimmer and taller appearance.

Shape of a ‘S.

An additional skill that is best left to skilled florists is the ‘S shape arrangement. This arrangement uses flowers in an angled S. Stems are usually used to create the curves while small flowers serve as fillers. It is much simpler than the more conventional round and circular forms.


Oval arrangements can be arranged in a way similar to circular shapes, but with more height. You will need a dense cluster to arrange small flowers or ferns.


The horizontal arrangement is spread apart, but is different from the fan-shaped arrangement where an arc is created. The flowers are usually wider than their height. Asymmetry can also add individuality.


Ikebana refers to a Japanese style that uses minimal floral arrangements. It emphasizes the creative use of different parts of a flower, such as the stem. They are quite different to Western arrangements that emphasize color and a more elaborate appearance. To represent the three elements of ikebana, the triangle is made up of leaves, stems and twigs.