Proper Storage Capacity Management

The lack of proper storage management makes it difficult to keep pace with the vast information progress in modern EMC storage environments – get more info. These are 7 things you should consider when creating a storage program or planning a technique for preparing your ability.

one. The Trade Application

If you are looking to increase your business’ storage capacity, there are many resources at your disposal. PerfMon is a Windows efficiency monitoring resource that allows you to monitor the total disk space as well as the level of disk stay applied.

For larger businesses, this may not be the right choice. If you need more granularity, there are many capacity setting up tools and calculators that can help you.

It is important to determine how advanced your facts require and make sure you have the equipment necessary to analyze your environment’s expansion.

two. How to Determine Your Current Storage Demands

In order to determine your EMC storage needs and set up the storage that you might need in the future, plan for the entire storage capacity you need. Not just the storage your system reports. You should determine the uncooked storage requirements and not what is available for USABLE storage. RAID 10 mirroring will require double the amount of disk and knowledge. RAID 5 is simply a division of the available storage by 0.755 (or multiplied by one.33 if you’re using a 3 disk RAID array).

For every extra GB of disk storage, make sure you have accurately sized the disks required and all storage necessary to store disaster recovery and backup storage. You can now make informed decisions about which disks you should purchase.

3. Arranging with the Foreseeable Future

Next, you need to evaluate the data storage progress of your EMC storage array. This will depend on the complexity of your EMC storage area or end-user behavior. It can be done over an annualized fee or a monthly foundation.

There are several ways to calculate these numbers. You can consult log documents or use computer software to access your EMC storage array. You can also use spreadsheets and other arranging tools to project future storage needs. You can easily set up computer software and other specialized management. This will enable you to quickly determine future expansion rates.

EMC Snapview allows you to create regional pointin-time copies or clones. For faster restoration, make sure that you have enough house for snaps and other disk-dependent backups.

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